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國際跨業殿堂Sun Shine

All businesses are cooperating, all of Taiwan is shining.

1. 場域聯銷:空間共享,多元合作
2. 新聞營銷策略:一舉成名全球國際品牌

New mainstream” Sun Shine.”
1. Space united marketing: Space sharing, multiple & unlimited cooperation.
2. Shoot to fame to the international brand.

1. 共享空間, 多元&無限場租合作

現在物價、房價不斷地上漲! 對於個人或是企業要自租自購房或是空間,壓力都超大呢! 國際跨業殿堂可以提供超貼心的服務! 和你共享空間、提供多元化、不設限的場租合作,例如:
如果你需要教學場地、舉辦活動、演講、派對、辦公、會議….等等。有任何想法或是需求,都可以和我們討論呦! 無論國內外,我們都可以為你安排好你所需要的空間。甚至你已有場地,想要異業結盟,我們可以整合策劃精心安排活動,你不用再擔心要花很多錢和時間去租借場地。再也不用煩惱到頭髮一夜變白。

1. Sharing space, multiple & unlimited rental cooperation:
Nowadays, life cost and house price have been increasing a lot! It’s a big stress for a person or companies who need to rent or buy the houses . Sun Shine offers the sweet services as sharing the space and offering you multiple, unlimited rental cooperation. For example:
If you need a teaching environment, organize activities, give lectures, have a parties, work, have meetings…etcs. All of you are welcome to discuss with Sun Shine if you have any idea or request. No matter where you need the domestic or international space, even if you need Sun Shine to plan the activities or you want to cooperate with different companies. Sun Shine arranges all the things according to your demands. You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money and time renting the space, you can stay forever young without worries.

2. 一舉成名國際品牌

2. Shoot to fame to the international brand
Internet is prosperous and developing. The international media makes all the countries of the world become a global village. Everybody not only concerns about the domestic issues, but also knows what happened of the world. Do you know that the top biggest 3 economic circles of the world are included the north America ( America and Canada), East Asia, and Europe. Sun Shine helps you ( individual or company) exposure your business to the stage of the world and increase your growth rate of business by spreading to more than a thousand of the international media. Let you become a world shining super star and roam in the world. Wanna become famous ?! This is really the best opportunity!

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